About Us

Northwest Connecticut Public Safety Communication Center (also referred to as “NWCTPS”) has provided police, fire and EMS 9-1-1 dispatch services since 1975 and processes over 200,000 calls for service annually in the greater Waterbury and Naugatuck Valley area.

NWCTPS is a non-profit 501c3 managed by the cities and towns we serve. The Corporate Membership, consisting of one representative from each of the member cities and towns appointed bi-annually, maintains voting privileges for the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors, who serve three (3) year terms, have general oversight and control of management and the affairs of the business. Day-to-day operations are managed by the Executive Director, who is appointed by the Board of Directors Executive Committee.

Led by our Board of Directors and Executive team, NWCTPS has experienced significant growth in the number of agencies and population we serve and has had great success in meeting the complex needs of emerging public safety demands. Our success and growth are founded on 3 main principles.


We recognize that each community is unique and requires attention to specific details that drive their dispatch policies and procedures. At NWCTPS, we take pride in our collaborative relationships with those we serve.


When engaging in partnerships with new clients, we use a proven transition methodology that helps to ensure a successful transition.


We look to create strategic partnerships that, above all, enhance public safety communications.

Core Values 


We act in a professional and efficient manner at all times, and hold ourselves to the highest standards of performance. We are committed to continuous professional growth, acquiring knowledge, and working in partnership with communities we serve.


We work together in a supportive and harmonious manner.  We recognize that each person has a valuable contribution to make and that we are strongest when we work towards common goals rather than putting our own interests first.  Teamwork also advances our other core values. 


We conduct ourselves and our business with honesty, high ethical standards and transparency.  Our customers and the pubic we serve can rest assured that they can trust us and count on our word as our bond.  We honor the commitments we make to the community we serve.


We strive to deliver a high and unsurpassed level of customer service on every call for service we handle.  Our goal is for the community we serve to know that they can count on us at every moment, whenever we are called upon.


We believe in treating every individual, including our coworkers and members of the communities we serve, with dignity and respect by exhibiting compassion and empathy, and by being courteous at all times.  We value and appreciate the diversity of the population we serve and of our employees, as well as the values that each individual brings regardless of background and recognize that our differences make us stronger.


We strive to hold ourselves accountable to the communities we serve for the quality of our services.  Accountability means accepting responsibility and refraining from blaming others, and seeking to continually improve our skills and our communication center through problem solving, learning from mistakes, and building our community relationships.